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Product (RED) theme for iphone.


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Yet another iphone/ipod touch theme I had a hand in. On this one I actually only did the icons and my MacThemes German friend Smallville did the rest. I am very happy with how it turned out. We did not sell the theme, but I would ask if you use the theme, to make a small donation (or any size donation that will not hurt you finacially) to Product (RED) and help spread awarness of HIV/AIDs in Africa.

Vision: iphone theme


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I thought it might be appropriate to show off one of the themes I created for the iphone as my first post. This one is not too complicated but I really like the clean look and the ohh factor you get from people who see it. Enjoy and I will update this post later with a template so you can make your own icons for the theme. Simply click on the preview above to download the summerboard theme.



Currently unavailable for freelance.

I can not take on new work at this time, as my schedule is most likely to full. If you do have a project you "must" have me for feel free to contact me.

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I am a designer currently working in the Nashville, TN area. I have worked in numerous facets of the design industry such as broadcast design, web page design, to print, and have even dabbled in typography. I am always looking for new areas of design that will help me to extend my knowledge of the field.