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Dexter by Fairey.


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It is two of my favorite things. Dexter the best series I have ever seen on telivision hands down, and Shepard Fairey the hipster quasi graffiti stencil artist of his day. The poster looks great (accept for taht showtime logo in the center of it. The 30$ is not unheard of for a Fairey print. So why is it this poster is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I am never the guy to say some one is selling out, and I will not even say it this time, but when your Shepard Fairey and your work in many ways speaks out against blindly following large corperations then it is going to make me question why you choose to do a poster for showtime. This is a quote directly from Fairey’s web site:

Since starting his growing Giant art campaign Fairey has said the experiment behind his explosive phenomenon is targeted to expose the “conspicuously consumptive” nature of our culture, the eagerness to buy in that results from image repetition.

This same thought crossed my mind when Fairey did a political poster for obama. Though with Obama my mind was quickly changed. Obviously Obama is the canidate Fairey identified with and to show his support he created a poster for his campaign.

Nothing in this train of thought says that Fairey is mindlessly following anything, or that he is attempting to have us mindlessly vote for Obama. In this same veign if Fairey happens to be a huge fan of Dexter (like me) why should he not create a poster for his favorite show. I am sure Fairey has done posters for bands before why is this not considered selling out. Even with this thought process the dexter poster does not sit well with me in terms of Fairey’s art. I finally came to the conclusion that Dexter being a telivision show is used to sell advertising and by Fairey supporting the show he is supporting the cause of advertising which he speaks against in many ways. I do not hold this against him, hell I am a graphic designer, I am a slave to advertising every day of my life, but I just saw this artistic outing as very odd coming from someone like Fairey. I think I will just take the rest of the day and admire my new Dexter poster and think about things.

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