I have been working on this theme off and on forever now. I have easily put more time in on this theme than any previous theme I have created. You can grab the zip of the theme here.

Glyphs2 & nanoGlyphs


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Sometime back, when I first was starting to theme the iphone and ipod touch, I created a theme of glyphs so that other artists could use them for there themes as a starting point. Some of the gyphs in that theme I was much happier with then others, not to mention it was missing some of the standard apps since the 2.0 software release for the iPhone. So this is my next go at it.

Other artists are welcome to use these icons as they want, the only thing I ask is that you give me credit and link back to this post so that other artists and interested people can find the same tools.

Also if need be I have these icons in there original vector format, just contact me through my contact page and I can send them your way. To download the themes just click on the images.

I have updated the themes with 40 additional icons each.


iPhone theme: SHINE


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Yet another iPhone theme. I have just recently upgraded to 2.0 on my ipod touch, and I created these themes before I did the upgrade, so they are missing some 2.0 apps such as winterboard and cydia. I will make the updates to the theme though soon. I have to thank some flickr friends for lending me their awesome images to use as backgrounds:

For the designers out there that have some less main stream apps that want to create their own icons for this theme you can grab a template here.

Product (RED) theme for iphone.


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Yet another iphone/ipod touch theme I had a hand in. On this one I actually only did the icons and my MacThemes German friend Smallville did the rest. I am very happy with how it turned out. We did not sell the theme, but I would ask if you use the theme, to make a small donation (or any size donation that will not hurt you finacially) to Product (RED) and help spread awarness of HIV/AIDs in Africa.

Vision: iphone theme


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I thought it might be appropriate to show off one of the themes I created for the iphone as my first post. This one is not too complicated but I really like the clean look and the ohh factor you get from people who see it. Enjoy and I will update this post later with a template so you can make your own icons for the theme. Simply click on the preview above to download the summerboard theme.



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I can not take on new work at this time, as my schedule is most likely to full. If you do have a project you "must" have me for feel free to contact me.

Little About Me


I am a designer currently working in the Nashville, TN area. I have worked in numerous facets of the design industry such as broadcast design, web page design, to print, and have even dabbled in typography. I am always looking for new areas of design that will help me to extend my knowledge of the field.