CORE is a new petroleum and mineral rights service company. They came to me looking for a logo for their company as well as a business card to start their entrepreneurship. I created a logo that I believe to be timeless, and something that can grow with their business. The card I kept stark, and I felt the white space and blank red flip side of the card gave a very authoritative feel.


Dream Systems environmental awareness flyer.


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Another Dream Systems piece. This piece was created as a full color flyer that was handed out at a conference for environmental awareness. I got the call for the project about a week before the several 1000 flyers needed to be printed, so a quick turnaround was a necessity.

Dream Systems Press Kit


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Created for Dream Systems, an audio visual company that focuses on the newest technologies, this pres kit is meant to be a left behind for potential clientel and investors. The photography in this case is stock but all design decisions are completely original.

Early work from my portfolio.


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These are some over the shoulder graphics I did while working for Nashvile’s local FOX 17 station.

A piece created to improve on the following piece. All the photography and images used in this piece were all taken by me as well.

This was a group project again created while taking classes. The project was to create a three page spread promoting travel to Vietnam. I believe we recieved an honorable mention in the contest we created the piece for, but unfortunetly did not place.

A pocket sized menu created for a Nashville restaurant.

A flash site created for a condo project. The project never got off the ground but you can still see the website here.

A flash site created for a Nashville Author, for his book titled God’s End. The site is located at

Currently unavailable for freelance.

I can not take on new work at this time, as my schedule is most likely to full. If you do have a project you "must" have me for feel free to contact me.

Little About Me


I am a designer currently working in the Nashville, TN area. I have worked in numerous facets of the design industry such as broadcast design, web page design, to print, and have even dabbled in typography. I am always looking for new areas of design that will help me to extend my knowledge of the field.